Designing Teheran

Looking at the city of Teheran and talking to people living there made it immediately clear that the city needed a building that could show the potential of contemporary architecture.

The key idea is to have a building with two elements that deal with different levels of perception. From far the building attracts especially for its ever changing and reflecting glazed fa├žade that generates an unexpected and new appeal; but when approaching the building, the points of interest become the entrances to the retail units, that bend to all directions to welcome the shoppers.

When accessing the building from any of its sides the street permeates the building providing access to all the retail units and the rear garden, offices, apartments and parking below ground. Just like a traditional bazaar, the guest will walk through all the activities contained in the building experiencing them in a sequence.

The commercial surface is divided into three units contained in separate volumes which open towards the main street. The access to the stores has been studied to enhance their visibility from any side of the street by introducing generous full height windows. The interiors offer a variety of heights to suit many different fit-out requirements with a ceiling height up to 8,5 metres.

The longitudinal space allows for flexibility in the layout and creates visual connections between the main street and the rear garden. The retail storage is located at level -1 accessible via stairs and lifts from each unit.

The project includes approximately 3900sqm of high specs office space, distributed on 5 levels. The access to the offices is gained from the ground floor and from the parking levels. The offices can be easily divided in up to 6 units thanks to partitions that will provide the acoustic and fire protection between units. The lift lobby will provide access to both sides, making it easier to combine different units.